On  2008 August 23 open this Wallpaper-Site from DRAKENSANG, the role playing game from RadonLabs their gates. This is the first one of this sort and she commenced  with 15 Wallpapers. Now are over 120 Wallpapers in the list.
Update from 2009 March 12:
120 Wallpapermotive in der Kategorie 1024x768 (aspect ratio 4:3)
133 Wallpapermotive in der Kategorie 1280x1024 (aspect ratio 5:4)
118 Wallpapermotive in der Kategorie 1680x1050 (aspect ratio 16:10)
Screensaver from Drakensang:

Would you like to a Screensaver from Drakensang? No problem! Download wallpapers from this site. Save the wallpaper in the same directory. Click then on your desktop with the right mouse-button, click then of properties and find the tab "Screensaver". Choose now "Slide-show". In the settings enter the right directory with the Drakensang-Wallpapers.

Your Drakensang-Screensaver are ready!


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